Business across the globe is experiencing a great need to be competitive in the current environment, Outsourcing has become an essential need for retaining and increasing a company's customer base and customer satisfaction; Escalating operational costs, attrition, and the need for customer satisfaction brings you closer to making a choice of your outsourcing partner. DataTree works with Companies as a partner who will function as an extension of their organization at significant cost savings and without compromising quality.

DataTree provides superior offshore contact center solutions to its clients. We have strong domain expertise in Legal, Insurance and Telecom and are working to grow our client base in Banking, Transportation & Logistics, Energy & Utilities, Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods and Manufacturing. Our services include combination of voice and non-voice support (e-mail, chat, mobile, web, branch, and electronic transaction processing) based on customer needs.

  • Voice
    • General Information & Enquiries:
    • Transaction details, Account balance, Bill payments, Transaction details, Enquiries, Block stolen/lost cards, Change of address, Stop payments, Service plans, Credit card balance transfers, Balance enquiries, Payment due dates, Transaction details, Balance transfers, Foreign exchange details, Credit limit increases and Balance Transfers, Promotions, Reward Programs, Data entry, Application received via internet, Applications received via branches, Applications received via mail, e-mails / Letters received from customers to update account

    • Sales:
    • Monthly Campaigns (inbound and outbound), Lead generation and referrals.

    • Complaint Management:
    • Issue / Enquiry Resolution, Claims.

    • Retention:
    • Retention: Collate reasons for cancellation, Resolve queries, Provide and allocate Retention offers.

  • Non Voice
    • Form filling:
    • Online/Offline - We have processed forms online with Patient Info, vaccination details, cost, insurance details and Survey forms

    • Data Conversion:
    • We have converted document from PDF/JPEG/TIFF to word or txt

    • Data Entry:
    • We have processed PM 160 Claim forms, UB 04 Claim forms and HCFA 1500 Claim forms.

    • OCR:
    • We have converted close to a millions pages from jpg/tiff/pdf to txt format. OCR of documents helps in searching text within a document and DataTree provides this service with an accuracy of 95%.

    • Data Cleaning, Normalization & Enrichment:
    • Data Cleaning involves de-duplication, re-arrangement, attribute extraction, normalization of the existing data. Data enrichment is done by sourcing from manufacturer or supplier websites or catalogs which adds lot of missing information to the existing data. DataTree provides data normalization services where legacy data is not correct or consistent per the requirement of the system in use. We provide manual cleanup process of data using our highly skilled domain experts.

    • Image Conversion & Editing:
    • DataTree can convert images from one form to the other using in expertise‚Äôs in image processing. Tiff to PDF, JPG to PDF, JPG to TIFF etc. We also perform redaction of data on images and OCR the image with hidden text.

    Client: Successfully transitioned business critical telecalling sales process for one major telecom company. Transitioned insurance claim form processing for Health Care Company from Mysore.


DataTree has developed expertise in Litigation Support Services with a wide range for services used in the discovery process.

    • Logical Document Determination (LDD):Logical document determination services for Grade A, Grade B and Custom requirements.
    • Coding:
    • Coding services for Grade A, Grade B, Subjective fields, Names in text, Bates, File Folder, Exhibits and custom coding.

    • Bates Capturing
    • OCR: Machine OCR services with 95% accuracy and OCR with manual clean up at 99.9% accuracy.
    • Image Processing: Image format conversion from JPEG - PDF -TIFF, single page to multipage conversion and vice versa, Image redaction, Image insertion etc. Inserting Document Separator, Text Redaction, Bates Embossing, Size Optimization, Single Page to Multipage, Multipage to Single page etc.

    Client: We have been servicing 2 Chicago based companies since 2011.


  • Product Content Management:
  • The world is moving towards IT solution to manage spend, supply chain and inventory. DataTree will be the right partner for Content Development Service for its clients.

    We have built our expertise in product data solutions and provide a wide range of data optimization services which assist our clients in their inventory optimization, spend analysis, supply chain management and eProcurement initiatives. We are focusing on Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Healthcare verticals. We work closely with partners and clients to ensure complete success of their IT initiatives.

      • Data Mining:
      • From supplier, manufacturer catalogs in the form of hard or soft copies.

      • Data Classification:
      • We provide classification services to classify the products and services to well known standard schema such as UNSPC & ECCMA.

      • Data Cleansing:
      • This involves de-duplication, re-arrangement, attribute extraction, normalization of the existing data.

      • Data Enrichment:
      • We mainly do data enrichment by sourcing from the manufacturer or supplier websites or catalogs.

      • Data Scrubbing:
      • Legacy data may not be correct or consistent according to the current system requirement. We provide manual cleanup process of data using our highly skilled domain experts.

      • Data Migration:
      • Typically a systems transition or implementation involves transition of the concerned data also; this can be an involved and complex task. The transition could be a move up from the desktop system to a client server system or to the web. With our expertise in database technology, data processing and programming we could deal with this quite easily.

    Client: We have been servicing 3 Bangalore based companies since 2012.


The DataTree Advantage

We believe that the true measure of performance is Customer Satisfaction. We are committed to create value for our customer on cost, turnaround time and quality by training our team, automation and unique delivery model.