PricesBolo is delighted with DataTree for its project management skills and technicals capability. PricesBolo is increasingly impressed by their responsiveness, customer-focused approach and commitment in delivery. DataTree delivers on time with quality and are pleasure to work with. We recommend DataTree to anyone considering Product Content Development and any Data Services kind of work. Keep up the good work, all the best!

Bernaad Chetty - Founder and Managing Director

With my 14 years in the BPO industry, while I almost had given up the search for a Quality Non voice service vendor, I found one company with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment, which I gave a try. To my surprise, this company not only pulled it off, but also managed to exceed my expectations. The company is none other than “Datatree”. Their TAT, Quality of the job, cost effectiveness and knowledge is commendable. Apart from just recommending them to others, I have decided to keep them as a business partner for ALL my Non Voice needs. “All you need to do is to make sure they understand your requirements and then just leave it to them for accomplishing the task assigned”. My special thanks to Anthony, on his commendable job in setting up a strong and committed team. Your service delivery and focus on the job will surely take this company to different heights and ALL THE BEST for the same…

Sathish Kumar T - Director
Quest Technosoft

Just reviewed the work by the Team. EXCELLENT work! Please tell them that for me. I will check throughout the weekend. Keep up the good work. I am very happy. Remind me to buy everyone lunch when I visit in January.

-(CEO, Data Management Company based in Chicago, USA)

I want to thank you for your efforts as an associate which made it possible to see a good month after a long gap! August was one busy month. It was remarkable how your team joined hands with us and delivered each project without any issues. Your team worked hard, stretched almost every day, worked on Sundays etc. Please convey my regards to your team. The hard work, sincerity, trust and customer focus will go a long way.

-(COO, , Data Management Company based in Chicago, USA)

We are thankful to you for the wonderful service given to us in the last 3 month in lead generation to TTSL, we really appreciate your efforts.Very Good Show team, you guys have shown the potential of the MARKET, and if we try there is nothing called impossible.

-(Regional Partner, Major Telecom Company, India )

Anthony thank you and your team very much!! I understand exactly the effort that you had to put in to make this happen and you guys came through for us. I look forward to many many more successes.

-(Chief Operating & Technology Officer, Scanning and Indexing company , Chicago, USA)

From all of us, who have held our collective breath, we are breathing again. All those blue faces have been replaced by wide smiles and grins.

-(Chief Executive Officer , Scanning and Indexing company , Chicago, USA)